30×40 House Plan | 1200 Square Feet West Facing 3BHK House Plan

30x40 house plan|1200 Square Feet West Facing 3BHK House Plan
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30×40 house plan or any house floor plans shows the floor and the objects on the floor up to 3 inches from the floor level. This drawing represents the part of the building where the building is cut along the horizontal axis.

In this 30×40 3bhk west facing house plan drawing, everything is created on a scale which means that the size of the drawing is reduced so that the entire building floor or room can fit on a piece of the drawing sheet. Check out these benefits of having small house.

In a full-scale drawing, the dimensions of each object represent their actual size because these objects are in real life. DK 3D home design usually includes 3D designs with 2D floor plans in its service range.

This small house is generally drafted in 30X40 square feet area means the house construction area is 1200 sq ft approximate.

This drawing contains details of everything i.e. furniture like sofa set, table, chair, etc…. opening like door, window, ventilation, etc. which are mentioned on this 2D home floor plan.

These 3D Home designs and plans by DK 3D Home Design are amazing.


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30×40 3bhk west facing house plan:

30x40 house plan
1200 sq ft 3bhk house plan west facing

In this 1200 sq ft house plan, there are three bedrooms are created as per the customer requirements. It is made according to Vastu sastra. This 3BHK home is west facing means the main gate of this house is in the west direction.

There is small verandah is provide in the porch which is in 3’X5’2” sq ft area for the house entrance. Beside this verandah in this porch staircase block is made through which you can access the terrace area of this 30*40 sq ft home.




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In this 30 by 40 house plan, living cum dining room is made in 18’X13’2” sq ft area. This living hall has entrance from verandah. It has two window openings facilitated at walls.

This is a large size area, where family can get together. In this living hall, furniture like TV unit, sofa also mentioned temporarily. DK 3D Home Design is the best online house planner and house designer.


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In this 3BHK 2D home plan, kitchen is provided in 10’6”X8’ sq ft space. 3 feet wide arch is provided to enter inside the kitchen according to best interior purpose.

This kitchen has also two window openings for free ventilations at adjacent walls. Inside the kitchen, there is door opening for wash area.

This wash area is 3’6” feet wide in size. This kitchen is made in the east-south corner which is the best direction according to Vastu shastra in India. This blog has our top collection of small house designs and plans.




In this 1200 sq ft home plan, besides the kitchen master bedroom is made with attached toilet and bathroom. The size of this master bedroom is 13’4”X10’11” sq ft given in this home plan. The attached toilet and bathroom is given in 4’X7’ sq ft area.


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In this 3 Bedroom home plan, left of the living area 2 bedrooms are provided in front of each other. Bedroom 1 is given in 10’X12’10” sq ft area and bedroom 2 is in 10’6”X12’10” sq ft area.

Both the bedrooms are provided with window openings for clear ventilation inside it.


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In this simple 30*40 house plan, between those two bedrooms sanitary block is provided for common use. In which water closet is given in 3’X4’ sq ft space and bathroom block is given in 4’X7’ sq ft space. It has backside OTS for ventilation in 6’6”X2’6” sq ft area.

This 2D single floor house plan features all the amenities in it with flexible orientation in all rooms. All the rooms are made with suitable window and door openings for free ventilation inside the house.


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