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Ground floor house exterior designs means nothing but the single floor front design having attractive architectural looks and color combinations. In this post, we are going to share some attractive single-floor house elevation designs for small houses which are low-budget and affordable.

All these designs for small houses are made by DK 3D home design which is the most popular online house designer and floor planner with the best 3d designers and architectures team.


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Top 7 Ground Floor House Designs For your Small Dream House:


Small house front design in low budget:

ground floor house design

This is the low-budget simple small house elevation having an attractive and unique design of parapet wall and staircase tower. The compound wall design of this house makes it more attractive and the color combination adds more richness to the house.

If you have a small budget then this type of single floor front elevation design is best for your dream house.


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#2. Single floor low cost house design in village:

front design of house in small budget


It is also the best simple low cost single floor house design mostly used  in the village side area. This ground floor elevation has the attractive parapet wall design.

The window glass and the color combination of the front wall makes the house elevation more attractive. If you want to construct the best small house in low budget, then this village single floor house design is best for your dream house.


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#3. Single floor 3d house front elevation design:


small house simple front wall design

It is the best 1 floor house design made by expert house designers and architects team of DK 3D Home Design. This is the best ground floor house design with most attractive color combinations.

This house design has the best parapet wall design and compound wall design with the best unique mumty design which makes the house look more attractive and unique.


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#4. Modern ground floor elevation:

simple house elevation design


It is the best 1 floor modern house design with rich and premium color combinations which is enough to attract every single person looking around. It gives a luxurious feel and has a unique architectural look.

The mumty design and parapet wall design adds more value to the attractiveness of this small building elevation. If you are searching for a single floor simple modern house design for your small house, then there can’t be any better choice.


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#5. Single floor small house elevation design for 2 brothers:

ground floor house design


This is the best single floor small house front elevation which is made for two brothers. The staircase tower design and the window design of both sides are the main attractive part of this small house. The color combination makes it a more beautiful and unique design.

If you are a joint family and need the best house design in a small area, then there is no better choice for you than this type of front elevation.


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#6. Indian style single floor house design:

1 floor house design

This kind of single floor elevation is popular in India that’s why it is a Indian style house design. This 3 shade color combination makes it more rich and attractive.

The mumty design and parapet wall design of this small house elevation make it more attractive. If you are searching for a Indian style small house elevation for your dream house then this is the perfect choice for your dream house.


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#7.  Single floor simple front elevation design for small house:

simple front elevation designs for small houses

The less architectural designs used in thing 1 floor house design makes it simple small hosue design. This simple house elevation has a unique sky blue color combination and that makes it different than other house elevations.

The porch design and parapet wall design make the house more attractive. If you are searching for a single floor small simple front elevation designs then this could be the best choice.


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