25×35 house plan | Small 2 story house plan

25x35 house plan
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25×35 house plan is the best small 2 story house plan made by expert floor planners and architects team of DK 3D home design by considering all ventilations and privacy.

If you are searching for a small 2 story house plan between 800-900 sq ft then this is the best small double floor house plan for your dream house.


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25×35 small double floor house plan:


In this 25*35 house plan, the interior walls are 4 inches and exterior walls are 9 inches. Let’s see the ground floor plan first.


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Ground floor plan:


2 story small house plan
Credit: DK 3D home design


In this 2 stories small house plan, When we enter the main gate, there is a car parking area.




Parking area:


In this 25×35 small house plan, the size of the parking area is 8’2″x18’2″ feet. On the right side, there is a staircase for the first floor.

On the right side before the parking area, there is a space to enter the ground floor of the house. There is a 3’6″ feet wide space left for a small garden.

And before the garden, there is the main door to enter the living room.


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Living room:


In this 2 story floor house plan, the size of the living room is 10×11 feet. After the living room, there is a W.C. bath area.


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W.C. bath area:


In this small double floor house plan, the size of the W.C. is 4×3 feet and the size of the bathroom is 5’10″x4′ feet.

After the W.C. bath area, there is a kitchen.


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In this 25 by 35  house plan, the size of the kitchen is 9’2″x9′ feet. There are two windows in the kitchen.

There is a bedroom on the left side of the kitchen.


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In this small 2 story house plan, the size of the bedroom is 10×13 feet. There is a single window in a bedroom.

It was for the ground floor. Now let’s see for the first floor.


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First floor plan:


double story house
Credit: DK 3D home design


By using a staircase, we can enter the floor of this double-floor house. Ahead of the staircase, there is a porch of size 8’2″x15’6″ feet. And there is also a gallery of 3’6″ feet wide on the right side of the porch.

All the sizes are the same as the first floor of this 35×35 house plan.




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