30×35 2bhk house plan In 1050 square feet area

1000 sq ft modern duplex house plan
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This is the simple one-story 30×35 house plan 2 bedroom plan. In this post, we will illustrate one-story duplex house plans 1050 sq ft area. There are lots of one-story home plans but our website gives you unique and different house designing plans as per customer requirements.


This is the best design will give the proper idea for your dream house. This is one story  30×35 plot design in which one story means ground floor house plan.



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30×35 2bhk house plan in 1050 square feet North facing:



30x35 2bhk house plan
30×35 2bhk house plan in 1050 sq ft


  • Total Area:1050 sq. feet
  • Outer Walls : 9 inches
  • Inner Walls: 4 inches


Staring from the main gate, there is a bike parking area that is 10’6″x8’10” feet.


Main Entry of this 35 x 30 house plans:


when we enter in the main gate, there is a verandah which is a 4’x8’10”, after the verandah their is a living room.


Living Room of this 1050 square feet house plan:


Living Room size is 14’x14’4″ feet. In the living room there is a two window .

In the living room there is pooja room and the staircase. the size of the pooja room is 4’2″x5’2″feet.

And the size of staircase is 7’6″x14’4″feet.


Staircase of the 30×35 house:


This is duplex house plans 1050 sq ft. In the living room there is a 7’6″ x14’4″Area covered by the staircase.


The lobby of this 30 * 35 house plan:


The size of the lobby is 10’4″x6’6″feet.In the right side of the lobby there is a kitchen and in the left side common w.c bath.


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Common W. C Bath:


Size of the common w. c bath is 7’6″x6’6″ feet. For the ventilation purpose there is a ventilator.


Kitchen of the 1050 North facing house plan:


In the north facing house plan, in the west corner of the house there is a kitchen of size 10’x12’feet.It has two window. In the right side of the kitchen there is a bedroom 1.


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Bedroom 1:


The size of the bedroom 1 is 14’2″x12′ feet. There is two window ,in the left side of bedroom 1 there is a bedroom 2.


Bedroom 2:


In this 2 bedroom house plan, The size of bedroom 2 is 14’x12′ feet and It has two windows.


I hope you understand the information about the 30×35 north facing house plan. And thank you for seeing our post.


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