25×25 1Bhk Small House Plan | 625 sq ft House Plan With Car Parking

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25×25 1bhk small single-floor house plan with car parking is created in 28’X24’ sq ft area. This 2D home plan can be modified in 30X30 sq ft or 25X25 sq ft area. This simple house plan is made as per the 1BHK home plan.

Let’s take a look into this 625 sq ft 1BHK home plan.


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625 square feet 1bhk small house plan with car parking in 25×25 sq ft plot:


25x25 1bhk house plan with car parking in 625 sq ft plot
25*25 1bhk single floor house plan with car parking in 625 sq ft plot


This 25 by 25 1bhk single floor house plan with car parking is made by the expert floor planners and architects team of DK 3D Home Design.


In this small 625 sq ft 1 bedroom house plan, inside the sliding main gate, 3 feet verandah is created to enter into the house. Besides this, staircases are provided to move on the terrace area. Within this staircase, an area is provided for car parking.




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In this 1BHK home plan, enter through the verandah. There is the living room that occupies the 14’6”X11” sq ft space.


From this living room, there is a way for the sanitary block. This sanitary block (water closet cum bathroom area) is given in 5’8”X5’4” sq ft area. At the front there is 2’6” feet wide space is given for the basin area.


In this 25X25 house plan, a bedroom is provided in 8’6”X9’2” sq ft area which is adjacent to the sanitary block. Beside the living room, the kitchen is given in 10’2”X8’3” sq ft area.


In this 625 sq ft home plan, all the windows and doors are properly situated for clear ventilation into the house.  This small and simple one-bedroom house is very best for a small family. This 600 sq ft house can be developed on the next floor in future with well home features in it.


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If you are looking for top 2D small house floor plans please contact DK 3D Home Design from the WhatsApp numbers given below.


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I hope you like this small 1BHK home plan.

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