800 Sq Ft Single Floor House Plan & Design With Different Attractive Color Combinations

20x40 house plan design
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If you have a small family, a modern 1BHK house plan might be perfect for you, as all room designs allow for clear privacy in it. Our modern house plans contain a variety of styles that do not fit clearly into other design styles but that contain characteristics of home styles including columns and dormers.

This house is made in about 20X40 sq ft size. This 800 sq ft house plan is consists of a living room, kitchen with wash area, bedroom, attached toilet/bath, and staircase block, etc.

In this post, you will get to see a 20×40 1bhk single floor house plan and its front elevation design with different color combinations.


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800 sq ft single floor 1bhk house plan and design with different exterior color combinations:


20×40 1bhk house plan in 20×40 feet:

20x40 house plan
Source: DK 3D Home Design

Let’s start with the main gate of this small house plan.

In this 20*40  house plan, the open porch is given in 8’2”X17’4” sq ft area.  On the right side of this porch, there is an entry for the living room is given. This living room is in 10’X10’6” sq ft area. In front beside this hall, a dog-legged staircase block is made to move towards the next floor or terrace area.

In this single-floor home plan, an arch is provided in the living room to go inside the dining area. This dining area is provided in 13’9”X8’ sq ft. it has a door that is open to the outside porch. Left of the dining a 4’5”X8’ sq ft attached toilet/bathroom block is made. Check out the benefits of having small house.




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In this simple small home plan, the kitchen is given in 7’2”X6’8” sq ft space having backside 3’6” feet wide wash area. Adjacent to this kitchen at left, the bedroom is given in 11’X10’6” sq ft area.

In this 2D ground floor house plan, external and internal wall is given in 9 inches and 4-inch size.

This 20 by 40 square feet 2D house plan is sufficient for a small family. You can call it a small family house too.


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D K 3D home design also created the 3D front elevation design of this small 800 sq ft house plan. In this 20X40 square feet house design, a unique idea is applied to all the properties which look so elegant from the outside. DK 3D Home Design is the best online Home planner and home designer.


Let’s come up to see the 3D elevation design of this tiny house.


single floor small house design with different amazing exterior color combinations in 800 sq ft:


single floor house design
Source: DK 3D Home Design

This small home exterior is made with stylish material like wooden frames, CNC work & glazing windows, etc. The tasteful combination of colors gives modern look to this house. In this glimpse, the exterior of the house is designed by urbane touch. The use of colors makes for stimulating space and gives a bright, cheerful feel. Check who is the trusted house designer and house planner.

Due to this color combination and front design, This single-floor house front design looking like a bungalow house design.


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Ground floor exterior house color combination 1:


1bhk house design plan

The vivid shades of color with the parapet wall design at the top give this modern house an exotic and striking look. Embellished with these invigorating wall colors, this 1 BHK house elevation is all about sheer elegance and finesse.


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Single floor 1bhk small house exterior color combination 2:


800 square feet house plan design

In this next front elevation home design, this colour shade makes this simple home very fresh and bright. Make your singlr floor house look like a modern elevation design that looks great, as above we offer the best double and multi floor elevation house design at the best rates. Also, see the best home designs and plans.


Like this front elevation design work of the house, DK 3D Home Design takes the orders for exterior remodeling and recoloring of old houses in different and modern styles. Everyone wants to design their house in a unique way. So it is the best way to exhibit your modern lifestyle.


If you want a new house front design or new floor plan for your dream house then you can contact them from the WhatsApp numbers given below.

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